Maximize your benefits at work

Your benefits at work are the best vehicles for growing and saving money. You may begin using some of these resources right away, while others you’ll need to wait until your Open Enrollment period to modify.

Contact your HR Department to determine if the company offers a match, and how much. If you're not already, begin saving at least that percentage in your 401(k) to capture the free money your company offers
If your employer doesn't offer a match, learn about other savings options View resource
Determine if an employee stock purchase plan is right for you View resource
Contact your HR Department to learn about what incentives your employer offers for participating in wellness programs
Learn what to ask your employer about your tuition benefits View resource
Read this article to find the best one for you View resource
Contact your HR Department to determine if you have discounted legal services which can help you put together estate planning documents in addition to dealing with minor legal issues.
Read this blog post about how our planner Kelley Long used hers View resource
Contact your health care provider's customer service desk and ask if they have a gym membership or weight management program
If so, begin taking advantage of the program right away! If not, contact your HR Department to let them know you're interested in a financial wellness benefit

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