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What is Financial Independence?

Financial independence means living your chosen lifestyle with peace of mind about your long-term finances. The path to a more secure financial future starts with this book. Everything you need to know about your money to grow your wealth, stand guard against unscrupulous financial advisors and ultimately achieve financial security is written in its pages. We're excited that you've made the commitment to declare your very own Financial Independence Day.

Learn. Inspire. Thrive.

When you sign up for our Financial Independence Day Community you’ll get:

  • Monthly Chapter Guides including: Key actions steps and discussion question
  • Our Guide for Declaring Your Financial Independence - easy steps you can take to form your own self-study group
  • Access to webcasts and our exclusive Facebook community to receive access to free, unbiased financial resources from author Liz Davidson and the Financial Finesse team of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals

Now, join us and our growing community to embark on your financial wellness journey.

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